An enduring balance of nature and design.

Ecowood | MILE®stone
Ecowood combines the beauty of natural wood with practicality, giving the floor a traditional look and a strong naturalistic appeal.

Ecowood combines the beauty of natural wood with practicality, giving the floor a traditional look and a strong naturalistic appeal.

Creating an intimate and warm atmosphere, Ecowood blends a rustic finish with the natural shapes and colors of wood. An array of four colors, realized with high definition graphics, brings residential and commercial buildings the tasteful comfort of wood that will endure.

Reference standard E.N. 14411-ISO 13006 . Appendix G. Group BⅠa. GL
Test method
Reference value
Declared value
Water absorption
≤ 0.4%
Chemical resistance
A tile sample is placed in coninuous contact with a variety of chemicals for 24 hours. No sample must show visible defects.
Stain Resistance
Surfaces are exposed to staining agents for 24 hours followed by four cleaning procedures. Results are recorded post cleaning
Breaking strength
≥250 lb/ft2
≥ 400 lb/ft2
Resistance to freeze
A tile sample is subjected to repeated processes of freezing and thawing. Sample must show no visible defects.
≥0.42% wet
≥0.42% wet
≥ 0.42% wet
Warpage edge (rectified)
Warpage ± 0.5% or ± 0.07 in
≥ ± 0.4%
Warpage diagonal (rectified)
Warpage ± 0.5% or ± 0.07 in
≥ ± 0.4%
Warpage edge (pressed)
Warpage ± 0.4% or ± 0.05 in
≥ ± 0.5%
Warpage diagonal (pressed)
Warpage ± 0.4% or ± 0.07 in
≥ ± 0.5%
± 0.25% or ± 0.03 in
≥ ± 0.25%
Range: ± 0.04 in
≤ 0.04 in


RESISTANT FOR THE HOUSE - The product is water-resistant: it stops liquids, body oils, acidic and staining substances from penetrating the tiles. It resists scratches, scuffs and gauges better than any other floor covering. It does not absorb fumes, odors or smoke. It doesnt discolor or fade when exposed to sunlight, or other natural elements. It is completely fire proof. It resists burns and doesn’t feed a fire. Its high resistance to abrasive dirt and grime makes it suitable even for heavy-traffic areas of the house such as hallways, entrances, foyers and walkways. | FROST RESISTANT - Exceeding the ADA standard requirements, the Milestone product can also be used for outside applications. It stands up to abrupt temperature changes and freezing-thaw cycles. When properly installed according to ANSI A137.1. It’s strong enough to be used in exterior applications even in frigid climates. Proper consideration must be given to the anti-slip requirements of the area to be tiled. | ANTI-SLIP - The testing conducted on our finished product will guarantee that all of our tiles will have an anti-slip surface so they may be used with total confidence in kitchen and bath applications. The Milestone product is perfect for both home and commercial interiors, such as restaurants, offices, retail stores, etc. Its anti-slip properties provide a safe walkking surface in both wet and dry conditions, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. | HYGIENE/SANATATION & EASY CLEANING - The Milestone product doesn’t absorb odors or bacteria of any kind. It’s easy to clean with a dampsponge, mop, or cloth. For a more intense cleaning, simply use a mild solution of water and a common household detergent. Regular cleaning will stop the growth of germs and bacteria in damp areas.

Due to the inherent nature of fired porcelain tile, it is important to note that the coefficent of friction may vary within and between product runs.

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