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Milestone: a new beginning

January 10, 2018

From a dual Italian – American core comes the change towards the future

The decision to create a new brand is an important and particularly significant moment in Florim USA’s story. In the past few years our company has started down a path that valorizes our offerings of floor and wall tiles produced in the United States with sophisticated Italian quality and design. The aim of this change is to increase the value of our offer, raising aesthetic standards and product design in order to seize new market opportunities.

The name we chose is Milestone. It literally means “a stone that marks the mile” but it holds broader and deeper meanings, identifying the concepts of “decisive moment, an essential step in the journey”, “landmark” and also “goal to achieve”. Milestone sets a new starting point, a significant change that is rooted and founded in the credibility Florim has earned through years of work and presence in the American market. Loyalty and continuity of Florim values are symbolized by the presence of the stylized “L” in the Milestone logo.

This element represents our commitment to our customers, who will find the same attention to technology, technical know-how, commitment to design, and environmental initiatives that they have always associated with the Florim name. Above all, Milestone embodies a new beginning with a promise to pay even greater attention to the shift toward a more sophisticated taste within the fast paced and ever-changing US market. 2018 wants to become a landmark year in our journey and Milestone marks this new beginning full of enthusiasm and new objectives.

Hard work is paramount when it comes to change and Milestone is committed fully to the work we are doing. We apologize for any momentary disruption of service, but this change is intended to provide, in the end, more effectively and productively for our ever-valued customers.

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