Florim USA Announced as 2020 Business Recycler of the Year

January 22, 2021

Florim USA reaffirms our commitment to the environment and our community, part of which is done through extensive recycling. We are honored to receive this prestigious award and would like to thank all our employees for their continued ecological and conservation efforts.

“The Tennessee Recycling Coalition with its Board of Directors is pleased to present the 2020 Recycler of the Year Awards. TRC’s Recycler of the Year Awards recognizes individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses in the State of Tennessee that have demonstrated a commitment to waste prevention and recycling. We commend all of the applicants for their contributions and we congratulate the winners in each category.”, stated the TRC’s.

“Florim USA, Inc. is an award-winning porcelain tile manufacturer, a leader in the global ceramic sector, and is committed to continued technological innovation in both tile manufacture and sustainability. Located in Clarksville, Tennessee, Florim USA is the largest single-site porcelain tile manufacturer in the United States. At the foundation of Florim USA’s industrial operations is concern for and preservation of the environment. Observing environmental regulations through certified environmental and quality management systems, Florim USA is committed to the environment, constantly placing attention on ecologically friendly and sustainable production options.”

At Florim USA, sustainability efforts are inextricably intertwined with the company’s business and financial goals. Florim USA consistently implements innovative sustainable practices and is continually seeking opportunities for such practices to support those business and financial goals. A few of the continual sustainability efforts include:

  • Utilizing internally generated production scrap, various post-industrial wastes, and post-consumer scrap glass as novel raw materials
  • Landfill diversion of many materials used at the facility
  • Repurposing scrap pallets as well as reuse of our supersacks
  • Recycling 100% of plant washdown water into the production process

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