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Florim USA is committed to green and social initiatives, placing attention on an environmentally-friendly production process.


Florim USA was one of the first porcelain manufacturing companies to introduce a sustainability report, an instrument now adopted by a growing number of companies. The report is a document illustrating the approach followed, the commitments made and the results obtained by the Florim Group from economic, social and environmental viewpoints, while also setting out the organization’s goals for the near future.
We make the data and information in the report public to demonstrate both our impact on the environment and the value created through our efforts, supporting a culture of corporate sustainability and transparency.

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How MILE®stone porcelain tile reduces a building’s embodied carbon.

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Concern for, and preservation of, the environment is at the foundation of Florim USA’s industrial operations. We are focused on pursuing sustainable development by ensuring that the highest ecological awareness inform all our manufacturing processes.

Florim USA has adopted a functional approach in preventing environmental risks, preserving natural resources, ensuring the safety of our employees and supporting the welfare of the global community.


  • Reducing emissions.
  • Minimizing the impact on the ecosystem.
  • Optimizing the use of its resources.



As an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), we spread awareness throughout the entire American community and encourage the use of building solutions inspired by environmentally friendly practices. The USGBC defined the LEED Green Building Rating System that assigned points necessary for earning the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The adoption of an eco-compatible production system is another benefit of producing our tile in the United States. Several Florim USA product lines contain a significant percentage in proportion to their weight of recycled, pre-consumer material (from 20 to over 40%.) This feature helps to raise the LEED score in projects where these tiles are used.

All data concerning individual Florim USA product lines are available on the products’ website.


  • Reprocess recycled materials and scrap glass into the products
  • Avoid putting waste into the landfills
  • Repurpose of as many scrap pallets as possible
  • Recycle scrap fired tile back into the production process


As the largest single site porcelain tile manufacturer in the United States, we set the standard for manufacturing processes.  Focused on quality and design, we also recognize that sustainability is at the heart of any company’s long-term success plan.  As an extra step towards our environmental initiatives, the Company has certified all of our U.S. manufactured products through Green Guard.  Learn more by visiting the site.


In early 2020 Florim USA  has become a member of the Tennessee Green Star Partnership. The Tennessee Green Star Partnership is an environmental leadership program that recognizes manufacturers across the state committed to sustainability and exhibiting continuous improvement in their operations.

To become a member of the Tennessee Green Star Partnership, a manufacturer must operate under an ISO 14001 certification, a voluntary environmental management standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization, and/or an environmental management system that conforms to ISO 14001, and must have a minimum of three years of exceptional environmental compliance with TDEC. For more information about TDEC’s Green Star Partnership, visit the site.



Florim USA porcelain tiles are long-lasting products and recyclable at the end of their useful life. As testimony to Florim USA’s commitment to environmental protection, all product brochures carry the label “ENVIRONMENT PRIORITY ONE.”

Florim USA is committed to the development of ecologically sound building products and the sustainability of the environment. We recycle powders, pastes and residues from the plant’s industrial processes. In addition, glass bottles are also purchased from a local landfill and unused tiles are recycled back into the manufacturing process. These efforts allow Florim USA to offer products that can help you earn LEED points without compromising the efficiency of the plant and products.

Florim USA’s eco-compatible production process minimizes the negative impacts on the environment and allows its products to contain up to 40% recycled content.



In line with the ISO 14021 Standard “environmental labels and declarations,” we are committed to the continued technological innovation of our processes, we aim at curb our production’s environmental impact and we are keen on producing long-lasting and recyclable products.

Our environmental practices



Florim USA believes in our responsibility to make a positive impact. In addition to offering our customers unparalleled products and services, we work to improve the quality of life in the communities in which we operate, and we are privileged to collaborate with several organizations that share this mission.


In 2008, Florim USA established a relationship with Austin Peay State University, located in Clarksville, Tennessee. In that time, three scholarships have been established in memory of Florim Group founder, Giovanni Lucchese. Deserving students are presented with their scholarships during an annual ceremony attended by Florim USA management and Austin Peay leadership.

In 2010, Florim USA began to offer internships to Austin Peay students. This 12-week program provides students with practical and theoretical knowledge of the ceramic processes. Upon completion of the program, the students receive corresponding college credits, which assist them further in their education.


Florim USA believes in helping the national community through a wide variety of philanthropic donations.

We have worked with Tile Partner for Humanities, the partnership of tile industry members serving Habitat for Humanity, donating six truckloads of installation materials to Operation Compassion, a charitable organization that coordinates the rebuilding efforts in the most damaged areas, for use in the re-building efforts after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

In 2017, Florim USA supported the rebuild efforts following a record breaking year for natural disasters in the United States by working with Operation Compassion to donate 32 truckloads of tile (253,664 sq. ft.).

Every year Florim USA participates in the United Way Drive initiative, supporting local non-profit organizations which provide economic assistance and psychological support to persons in difficulty.

Every year at Thanksgiving, employees collect food for the Salvation Army, an international movement operating over 7,546 centers in communities across the US. These include food distribution, disaster relief, rehabilitation centers, anti-human trafficking efforts and a wealth of children’s programs.



At Florim USA, we believe in partnerships with associations that can help us to further our company’s mission.

Partner and member organizations include:

  • Tile Council of North America, Inc. (TCNA)
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA)
  • Ceramic Tile Distributor Association (CTDA)
  • We Build American
  • Austin Peay State University (APSU)
  • Why Tile

Florim USA is now a Benefit Corporation

In December 2022, Florim USA acquired Benefit Corporation status. From a legal standpoint, this is a momentous development, since the company, following in the footsteps of parent company Florim S.p.A. SB.has thereby integrated an additional purpose into its articles of association that goes beyond its traditional economic goals. In doing so, Florim USA makes its Mission– which has always focused on creating value for people and the communities in which it operates, as well as regenerating the environment– official, safeguarding it in the long term. Domitilla Dardi (Design Historian) asks the person who has most strongly advocated this important step,…


Tile & Carbon

Embodied Carbon   What is embodied carbon? Embodied carbon is the sum of all the greenhouse gas emissions (mostly carbon dioxide) resulting from the mining, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, transportation and installation of building materials. The global warming emissions associated with these materials, along with emissions associated with construction itself, are the “embodied carbon footprint” of design and construction. Smart choices during design can greatly reduce this footprint. Florim USA takes several steps to reduce the embodied carbon of our product. Some of these steps are: +95% of all raw materials come from within 500 miles of the Clarksville Tennessee manufacturing…


Environmental Practices

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